Willow Street

Education, Leadership, Community

Education - Our Primary Mission

We have as our primary goal, the identification and development of students who have evidenced potential to succeed beyond the opportunities their life circumstances offer them. Our programs cover Middle School, High School and College level students. We provide this support through scholarships, educational tools programs, community projects and other programs that support and promote education, leadership development and community support. Our students have to demonstrate financial need, educational passion and a desire to succeed.


To best prepare our scholars, we provide leadership development and support to our scholars through mentor-ships, development programs, and involvement with Willow Street functions.

We believe that our scholars will be best prepared for success when they can combine their knowledge with a rich set of diverse experiences toward influencing change and leading teams.


Inspiring leadership for the public good, Willow Street students, working with our advisers and our community partners, are required to develop and lead at least one local community project focused on education development within the community. While leading these projects, our students expand their leadership skills, build empathy, independence, resilience, humility, and come to understand that through their individual actions they make a positive difference in the lives of others.