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Scholarship Sponsorship

Willow Street maintains scholarships for corporations, company foundations, and benevolent individuals.   Scholarships awarded through Willow Street programs can be customized to meet the needs of corporate and individual donors.  

Individual scholarships can be used to recognize a family member, friend or community leader.   Most corporate-sponsored awards are designated for children of a sponsor's employees or members but can be offered for residents of a community where a company has operations. Corporations sponsor scholarships to recognize and encourage academically talented students, foster employee loyalty, initiate promising relationships with students, and identify potential candidates for internships and employment.

Valedictorian Level – Annual commitment of $5,000 and includes the ability to name and define criteria for up to two scholarships and the ability to participate in the scholarship selection committee for your scholarships.  You will also receive a Willow Street Diploma to hang in your office or home and be recognized on our web site.  

Salutatorian Level - Annual commitment of $2,500 and includes the ability to name one scholarship under the Willow Street general scholarship guidelines and the ability to participate in the selection committee for your scholarship.  You will also be recognized on our web site.


Honors Level – Any donation that contributes to the general scholarship fund is much appreciated and will go directly to helping children with their educational needs.