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Laptops for Leaders Program

Mission and Highlights:

This program is designed to provide students with access to learning tools and content from home in order to promote leadership and learning.  It awards qualified students with:

  • scholarships for a laptop*
  • Internet access
  • sponsored teacher/mentor that must either be a teacher, counselor, or school administrator

*The laptops will be used for academic purposes only and in support of the defined learning program

Qualified Students:

To qualify, students must:

  • Be in Middle School or High School
  • Participate in the Federal School Lunch Program

To Apply:

  1. Fill out the application form below
  2. Submit it to the Laptops for Leaders Program by September 21st of each academic year

Students that are accepted will be issued laptops and/or internet access to support the learning environment in the classroom and the requirements identified in the program. 

The program term will be for one academic year, and upon review may have an option for renewal into the next academic year. The Willow Street Committee will review applications and students deemed most qualified will be selected for each school year. Limited resources cause renewal to be a competitive process and is not guaranteed.

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