Willow Street Community Programs

The Willow Street Foundation supports community projects that are aligned with our mission to help children with educational and leadership development. We support these programs through our Willow Street Community Program with direct donations as well as volunteer support. The children who are supported by a Willow Street Scholarship or Laptop are required to do community service work as part of their program. Their service can be directed to a Willow Street supported community service program.

Please contact us if you would like to partner with Willow Street for your service program.

The Building Men Program of Syracuse

Our vision is that young men in Syracuse will see themselves as part of a larger fellowship of men who:

  • Have excellent attendance in school and in after-school programs;

  • Graduate from high school and college and career education;

  • Participate in community in some level; and

  • Have the ability to make a significant impact upon society.

What our Young Men will Do:

  • Attend and participate in community service projects, and mentoring events
  • Set goals, create career/passion maps, and complete assignments related to making decision upon your “True North”
  • Explain how to value and build positive relationships